Cammile Adams


Swimmers, consider yourselves warned: one Fitter & Faster clinic with Cammile Adams is not going to turn you into a side-breathing Olympic butterflier.

But attending her clinic might just be the step you’ve needed to take toward drastic improvements in your race execution! Cammile shares the most impactful training and racing strategies she has adopted throughout the years that have led her to multiple U.S. National and Olympic teams.

Merging her two passions of teaching and swimming, Cammile instructs with an insatiable energy that is guaranteed to inspire your swimmer well beyond the conclusion of the clinic.

“I absolutely love kids! This is a dream job where my two loves collide. It is really fun to be able to give back to a sport that has allowed me to accomplish so many dreams.”

Cammile’s versatility as a competitor in the 200 fly, the 200 and 400 IM as well as distance freestyle is the product of her tough-as-nails mental attitude and true love for the sport. “The most important thing I want these kids to walk away with is having fun with the sport! That’s what inspired me. Getting out of your comfort zone to try something new in these clinics is so much fun!”

Do you hate butterfly? Cammile can help with that – you might just end up loving the stroke after all! Are your turns less than satisfactory? Cammile will demonstrate the perfect turn and break down each step to ensure that you can implement effective turns in your next practice and race. Swimming is all about experimenting and testing what works best for you, and she will show you how to truly become a student of the sport – a characteristic that sets apart the great swimmers from the average swimmers.

She also desires to empower coaches involved in her clinics with the tools to continue pushing swimmers throughout training. Growing up in a home where her father coached for a living, Cammile has seen first-hand how coaches communicate a bitdifferently than Fitter & Faster clinicians.

“I am a very open book and am more than happy to answer any questions from coaches and parents. I find that coaches tell their swimmers the same technical corrections as I do, but I am able to explain a concept and demonstrate it in a more effective way. It opens their eyes to a new way of thinking.”

In particular, Cammile emphasizes a high-elbow catch in all strokes. Instead of simply saying “you’re not catching enough water” and expecting swimmers to magically understand how to fix it, she connects the concept with effective demonstrations and creative terminology. “I have them bend their fingertips, then their wrists and then their elbows to practice the motion on land. Then they try the movement against the wall. I explain which muscles should be working the most. For example, the lats should be tired instead of the arms.” 

Paying attention to these details not only will sharpen your swimming skills but also your mental edge. Cammile is not just teaching skills – she is teaching a way of life.

“The biggest things swimming taught me are mental toughness and work ethic. I carry these principles into my teaching and everyday life. I make goals the time – long-term goals with short-term goals to get there. So many kids think they aren’t capable of certain challenging practices or making difficult time-cuts, but I’m here to tell them that they are!” Instilling confidence comes as naturally as breathing to Cammile. “You certainly won’t improve if you don’t believe in yourself!”

A clinic with Cammile Adams will build strength both mentally and physically, and you’ll walk away with a new friend. Her charisma is sure to break down any barrier to walk away as a happier, empowered swimmer! 

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Cammile AdamsCammile AdamsCammile Adams

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