Symon’s Sharks Coach Review

February 13th, 2019

Nick was unbelievable and provided one of the best training experiences I’ve ever been a part of. I could not say enough positive things or recommend him more to others. Thank you for providing such a great experience that I’m sure all the kids will remember for the rest of their lives. – Jason Hunn

Madison, Wisconsin

This clinic is a must for any swimmer wanting to achieve their goals!

February 13th, 2019

My granddaughter walked away with confidence and excitement that the knowledge she received will improve her ability to swim faster and achieve her future goals. Training with these champions brings home that what they are delivering does work. They are proof. Tom and Elvis were amazing. Aubryanna believes she can reach her personal goals and is excited to use her new knowledge to do it. Tom and Elvis worked together teaching technique, provided a positive environment to learn and delivered a team spirited environment. Thank you for helping her realize dreams can come true.

Palm Harbor, Florida

10 years old

Loved the video analysis experience!

January 23rd, 2019

Thrilled that there was such a good system in place for our arrival, warm up, filming. Very organized! We drove over an hour for this filming and so appreciated how well everything was scheduled. The video itself is priceless! Our daughter has been swimming 2nd thru 10th grade in a year round club environment and coaches have not caught these areas for improvement. And, our daughter is a visual learner so seeing it, is believing it, and remembering it! Loved how he gave a many positive remarks as he did areas for improvement. Great mix!

Chicago, IL

15 years old

First Clinic!

January 18th, 2019

Amanda Weir and Tom Luchsinger did AMAZING. They were intuitive, broke everything down so that I could execute it perfectly, they also imparted a large amount of useful information, and they were humorous during the entirety of it, which helped me get over the star struck nervousness that overcame me in the beginning. – Caleb Smith

Simsbury, CT

14 years old

Betsy – Aurora, CO

January 6th, 2019

Chloe and Todd were amazing! They worked together so well, explaining things in a way that was clear and helpful. They are both truly gifted teachers. Their stories and attitudes were really encouraging and inspiring! Just the opportunity for my swimmer to hear from them was well worth the cost of the clinic! You guys are awesome!! We are so grateful for both of you and the impact you’ve made on our swimmer’s life!

First Fitter and Faster Experience Fantastic!

January 6th, 2019

Both Chloe and Todd were excellent. Chloe is a passionate, driven individual who will do well no matter what she does. I was impressed by her ambition, public speaking, and initiative. Todd was excellent as well. His passion for the sport and helping swimmers grow is evident, and I was particularly impressed how he encouraged some of the less experienced swimmers. Really well done!

Thank you for providing such a positive experience. Everything was very organized and well executed. Oh, Marni also noted how happy and friendly Chloe and Todd were (unlike the “grumpy old men” at the other camps she’s done). Marni has attended several camps this year, but the way in which you broke things down was very helpful, specifically for underwaters.

– Micah Kraemer, Aurora, CO

First Clinic – Aurora, CO

January 6th, 2019

Chloe and Todd did a fantastic job together explaining what they wanted and kept a good eye on each child. I wasn’t expecting to see or even have Chloe in the water with the kids the whole time. That was amazing for the kids to see how the drills work and gave her a way to see and comment on how to correct the drill. Todd walked the deck, stood where he could see and offered corrections as needed. Great Job!


John Dawson – Laurel, MD

December 31st, 2018

I was pleasantly surprised. I thought I’d be throwing my money away. Weekly 30 minute lessons do little for my son in an in-one-ear-and-out-the-other kind of way. He’s 9 and learns best with constant repetition. But his skill improved dramatically and the advice on wall exits has stayed with him. Butterfly was his worst stroke, but he’s no longer embarrassed to work on his fly in practice. He was .3 seconds away from a JO time in the IM and now he’s got it for sure. Thanks.

Video Analysis with Todd Schmitz- Anonymous

December 15th, 2018

I really liked Todd’s emphasis on streamlining. It was helpful to see myself in the video because mine felt okay. Now that I see myself, I know it really needs improvement. I think that Todd should suggest to swimmers to watch the streamline video on called “Streamline Progression.” That was such a useful video for me and it really drove the point home about a compact vs. non-compact streamline. After I saw that video, I could feel the drag I was producing from not being in a tight streamline. My husband even watched it and is now working on his streamline! I also liked how he pointed out what I’m doing right as well as things that I need to work on. I was surprised he thought my fly wasn’t too bad. I have never gotten feedback on it before so I was surprised at how much I was doing right.

Arlington, VA

New personal bests! – Baton Roca, FL

December 15th, 2018

This program was so beneficial for my swimmer, he did all 4 sessions. The following weekend he shaved 3 seconds off of his Individual Medley time! Amazing, totally worth the money, fabulous experience for your child to learn from the best of the best! Thank you so much for your help! JT participated in the regional championships the following weekend and had personal bests in all of his individual events! What a great experience!