Todd Schmitz


  • Birthday: October 28
  • Hometown: Bismark, ND
  • Now Resides: Aurora, CO
  • College: Metropolitan State University of Denver


  • Coaching Missy Franklin during the 2012 London Olympic Games.
  • 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, where Franklin won 6 gold medals.
  • 5x Sectional Team Champions
  • 18 Short Course and Long Course Colorado State Team Champions
  • Long Course and Short Course Junior National Female Team Champions
  • 2009 USA Swimming Developmental Coach of the Year

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“By coming to my Fitter and Faster clinic, you are already one step ahead of your competitors!” Todd Schmitz will tell you. If you’re looking for an unforgettable swim clinic experience with an energetic coach who exudes passion, detailed knowledge of stroke mechanics and an emphasis on having FUN, then look no further than Todd Schmitz!

He operates from a relationship-based philosophy that “no one cares how much you know unless they know how much you care,” and it’s hard to find someone who cares more about swimmers and the sport of swimming than Schmitz. “Passion is one thing, but truly caring about the kid’s wellbeing both in and out of the pool is another. Let’s teach the kids life lessons through the best sport there is!”

Popularized for his coaching relationship with Olympic sensation Missy Franklin and numerous other elites, Schmitz has worked with swimmers of all ages and abilities around the world (including Trinidad and Tobago, Vietnam, Mexico, the Philippines and China). His coaching and speaking experiences while traveling have enabled him to connect with athletes and coaches of all demographics, cultures and languages.

Schmitz has no problem interacting on each swimmer’s level, drawing from his experience starting as the 8-and-under coach at the STARS and moving up through each developmental level. He coached Missy Franklin from age seven all the way through high school, college, the Olympics and beyond, which shows his dedication to forming a trusting and impactful relationship with athletes.

He adds a unique component to Fitter and Faster clinics by inviting parents and coaches in on the process of swimming development by utilizing the “triangle model”, which delineates the roles and interactions between the coach, swimmer and parent. When the support system functions optimally, the swimmer can excel. Coaches and parents should be strengthened and developed as well to continue what swimmers learn at these clinics, and Schmitz welcomes all questions and interactions. “You can pick my brains!” he says with that signature Schmitz enthusiasm.

Another unique aspect of his approach to swimming is his emphasis on truly having fun with the sport. “The number one thing I both say and do is emphasizing the ‘fun’ factor. I say this to athletes on every level–even to the Olympians. At the end of the day, you have to remember why you do this.” In the words of Schmitz, a happy swimmer is a fast swimmer! “You never see someone grumpy and moping around tearing it up at a meet. Your mind and body simply do not work that way.”

Schmitz also acknowledges that the brain can become overwhelmed with the sheer number of technical details and drills covered in these clinics. “At the end of the day, if you remember 2 to 3 little nuggets and put those to work every day, you’ll become a much better swimmer!”

Don’t wait to sign up for the ultimate clinic experience. Take the step toward boosting your swimming performance by attending a life-changing Fitter and Faster clinic with Todd Schmitz now!

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