Laura Sogar


  • Birthday: Apr. 27, 1991
  • Hometown: Exeter, RI
  • Now Resides: Austin, TX
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Coach: Carol Capitani


Silver and 2 Bronze medals at the 2013 World University Games
Silver medal at the 2012 FINA Short Course World Championships
Member of the 2013-14 National Team


Sinice Laura Sogar has retired from the international swimming scene, she can’t seem to get away from the pool with Fitter and Faster clinics. Not only does she provide a safe space to learn technical skills but also provides mentorship for parents and coaches.

“My favorite part of clinics is the Q&A session. I usually go over the allotted time, because it’s so important to help parents and coaches support their swimmers,” Sogar explains. “My swimming career spans 20 years, so I have a ton of experience to draw from. It’s crucial for swimmers to be supported through the good and bad races. Plateaus are inevitable. If you have a long career, it’ll be a long ride.”

Sogar talks frankly about the importance of relationships with teammates and the “soft” skills that swimming can teach participants:

“I want swimmers attending my clinics to realize that I used to be in their shoes, and swimming provides a ton of benefits once they leave the sport. Personal development is just as important and is within their capabilities and power to control. They will leave my clinic feeling empowered and confident. It’s all in their hands!”

Aside from instilling an appreciation for all that the sport can teach, Sogar will add a few tools to your swimmer’s belt regarding stroke mechanics. As an NCAA champion from the University of Texas, Sogar honed one of the most technically difficult strokes – breaststroke. She knows how to cue swimmers to change their body positioning to be more efficient in the water. “Something I hit on is arm and leg position, no matter the stroke. The timing and physics are really important to teach,” she explains.

Get a sneak peak of some of the drills she highlights by watching the video below!

“Exploring the fundamentals of the physics behind why we do what we do is incredibly important, and coaches don’t always have the time to explain these concepts,” Sogar says. “Why the high elbow on freestyle? Where your hand enters is important. Technically, you’re not moving the water: You’re moving your body past your hand. You want to make sure as much surface area is exposed as possible.”

Clearly, Sogar is dedicated to connecting the science behind movement to making great leaps in your swimming career.

“If I can do it, you can too! I didn’t come from a big swimming community – there’s no specific reason why I should have become as good as I did. But I set big goals. This is another topic I emphasize to participants – goal setting is incredibly important.”

Sogar brims with gratitude for her strong, supportive swimming community and credits the sport for connecting her with lifelong friendships. “I’m really lucky! Where I’m at now in my career, I’m able to translate a lot of the skills learned from swimming. And it’s important to have fun with what you’re doing!”

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