Ben Chung


  • Birthday: June 19th, 1981
  • Hometown: Los Altos, CA
  • Now Resides: Burlingame, CA
  • College: Vassar


  • Assistant Coach for the 2018 National Diversity Select Camp
  • Head Coach of Burlingame Aquatic Club
  • Coaches multiple Jr. National Qualifiers
  • Multiple top 10 nationally ranked age-group swimmers


Ben Chung may have hung up his goggles years ago, but he always knew he’d keep his feet wet with coaching. “At the age of 15, I had an inkling that I wanted to coach. I really defined swimming as my passion midway through high school and did everything I could to continue on with the sport,” he says.

Now, with 15 years of coaching experience under his belt, Coach Chung couldn’t be more excited to partner with Fitter and Faster to lead clinics. “With everything and anything I do, I’m committed. Taking on leading clinics and getting involved is a step toward being the best coach I can be.”

Although Coach Chung knows how to make swimming fun at clinics, he doesn’t take his responsibility lightly: “I coach to impact young people’s lives in the way that I experienced growing up. It is an opportunity to shape and mold the direction of the athletes and have a lasting impact in that way.”

With this deep drive for developing swimmers, expect Coach Chung to reinforce foundational skills and give each participant a few key pointers in all of their strokes, not just their favorite one: “Swimmers should not just be good at one thing – they’re not just a sprinter, a backstroker, etc. We should be building a good base and developing all four strokes in each swimmer. This gives the athlete plenty of options and opportunities to move on to a higher level, if that’s something they’re going after.”

Coach Chung sees every swimmer as an individual with unique strengths, goals and challenges to be addressed, so expect to receive individual feedback: “I meet swimmers at their level – I like that no two athletes are the same. Just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for another.” His emotional intelligence and easy rapport with swimmers boosts their confidence to set high goals believe in themselves, both as individuals and as a team.

Confidence is key for athletic success, and Coach Chung makes a point to encourage swimmers in their progress. “I always try to highlight participants who are swimming above what they’ve done before. For example, if a swimmer goes into a clinic with a bad back to breast turn but nails it a few times over the course of the clinic, I will reinforce that they’ve made progress,” he says.

This verbal encouragement and connection with the athlete helps to build confidence and motivation. “People can achieve their goals when they’re willing to work hard for them – but they have to believe in themselves. These swimmers are capable of so much more than what they’ve already accomplished!”

Unshakable belief is a key ingredient to improvement, both in and out of the water. Rather than focusing solely on athletic development, Coach Chung holds his swimmers accountable to a high standard of excellence that extends far beyond the reaches of the pool deck:

“We are in the business building whole people and preparing athletes for their next steps – whether that’s college swimming or an academic track. The goal-setting and time-management skills are really important to translate into their futures. If we can develop whole people and contributing members of society, then I’ve done my job.”

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